Importance Of Forgiveness

Archana Nair/22nd August, 2017

“Let us forgive each other, only then we will live in peace” - Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy. 

Forgiveness is often misunderstood and taken for granted. All of us feel that we forgive people easily. But the truth is, we aren’t recognizing the grudges we hold in our hearts against them. 

Forgiveness means to stop blaming someone or to stop feeling angry towards someone completely. It does not mean forgiving just for the moment and still feeling animosity towards them deep inside. No. Forgiveness leaves no space for bitterness, enmity and hatred. 

It is important to give and receive forgiveness. They are two different things but give us similar results for they make a person feel grateful, contented and motivate them to forgive others too. 

Let’s talk about why it is important to put aside our pride that stops us from forgiving an individual. 

1. Freedom: Forgiving someone to to receive forgiveness enables us to forget about the issue or incident and allow freedom to walk through. Here, in this context, freedom refers to the the ability for letting go. The freedom of moving on, freedom of occupying your mind with other positive thoughts, freedom of letting compassion take over your life and most importantly, the freedom of being happy. 

2. Peace of Mind: When you forgive someone, your mind is at peace. It is not thinking about how that person wronged you or how you could have taken revenge. It is in fact not thinking of anything at all. Your mind is not messed up with thoughts, it is quite. You sleep peacefully at night, happiness is reflected on your face. 

3. Compassion: When you start forgiving, you start feeling. When you let go of all the negative thoughts from your mind, you allow generosity to come in. This way you start to forgive easily and that also helps you forget easily too. Forgiveness helps you grow. 

4. Love Yourself: Most importantly, forgiveness allows you to love yourself. Not all of us know how to love ourselves. It’s only when you love yourself will you be able to see the good in others and love them for it. Forgiveness helps you understand the value of loving yourself by understanding the magic of forgiving. 

No matter how deeply wounded you are by the person who wronged you, forgive. Not for them but for yourself. For your freedom and happiness. 

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